Beginners: Motivational Interviewing to achieve parent "Buy In" 
Motivational Interviewing not only helps you add EXTRA communication TOOLS to your therapist TOOLBOX but it helps you combat the constant stress, weight on your shoulders due to parental non adherence and helps prevent future BURN OUT!
We walk the walk, but do we talk the talk? As clinicians, do we speak with parents or to them? Is it effective in motivating them to adhere to interventions or do you find that they inhale and exhale at the sign/sound of “parent training sessions” 
People are more like to do the things they say they will do vs. the things they are told to do
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is not just a patient-centered "mumbo jumbo" psychological approach, but a patient (or caregiver) focused approach that aims to change behaviors by allowing clients to acknowledge their current needs and then move towards change. 
It is a method of improving effective communication and get more "Buy In"  with your interventions
Promote behavior change
It is a collaborative, goal oriented style of communication 
It is designed to evoke and strengthen motivation
In this 2 hours beginners MI course, I will present the proven strategies of MI to decrease discord (aka "resistance") and increase cooperation between parents and clinicians. The Transtheoretical model (stages of readiness) which helps identify parent’s level of motivation and considerations that clinicians should have in each stage will also be discussed.  

Attendees will build skills in assessing parents’ level of "resistance" and learn to use change talk procedures to successfully decrease discord and increase "buy in" to sessions.
When: Immediately upon registration (recorded session) 
Where: Online (2 hours)
BACB CEUs: 2 (regular) CEU's 
Cost: $79 

This program is for BCaBA, BCBA, graduate students, LCSW/LMHC's and licensed psychologists. Who are  experiencing difficulties obtaining “buy in” from parents they work with or therapists they work with
This master class will last a total of 2 hours and will include 2.0 BACB CEU's. You will also obtain exclusive access to our telegram chat group where I will share weekly resources and will receive a discount for our MI bootcamp series.. 
Resistance is evoked by an antecedent stimulus (clinician's confrontational language), which is reinforced by escape of the aversive stimuli. Motivating Operations have a behavior/value altering effect in that they make "escaping" the stimuli (clinician) by engaging in resistant behaviors more or less reinforcing.
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an empirically proven intervention that has shown substantial success in the literature in changing addictive behaviors in substance abusers, medication adherence and developmental disabilities.
That's well over $150 ... But today and just for you I have a special price of $79
 "I really enjoyed this training! I feel I can immediately apply the information in my practice tomorrow"

Laura D. Clark, MS, BCBA
I am always looking for new ways to communicate effectively with caregivers, and am so excited to put some of these MI strategies to use!
I really loved the written examples and videos you used during the presentation. It was so helpful to see the strategies being applied as I am such a visual learner!

Alexa Landman, BCBA
"Really great introduction to motivational interviewing for a beginner. Monica was really interesting and engaging and the course moved at a great pace"

Llio Angharad Jones
At the conclusion of the workshop, you will be able to:
-  Assess parent's motivation based on the trans-theoretical model and using different proven measures.
-  Provide examples of effective change talk strategies to develop and build collaborative relationships with parents.
-  Describe motivation using private events.
-  Identify traps that can harm clinician-parental relationships.
-  Describe key features of effective MI strategies.
-  Identify key features necessary for cooperative relationships between caregivers and clinicians.
When do we start?
Immediately! You can take this course anytime after you sign up.
about monica gilbert
I’m a Licensed Psychologist, Doctoral level- Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with over 11 years working with families. I am the founder of two private practices; Crystal Minds New Beginning and Crystal Minds Psychological Services. I have mentored and supervised over 50 clinicians during my years of practice and have seen the struggles of miscommunication. I have learned firsthand through my own personal experience how certain communication approaches can either attract or push others away. Which is why I became passionate about integrating Motivational Interviewing (MI) into the Applied Behavior Analysis field. I may have been one of the first to integrate these two but I certainly don’t want to be the last! 
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